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4 Outdoor Kitchen Designs That Are Fun & Exciting

Outdoor Kitchen Designs

About 75% of US adults own a grill or smoker. If you love cooking outside, take a look at a few outdoor kitchen designs that will take your patio up a notch.

The cooking outdoor life is achievable no matter what your budget and available backyard space. All you need is a contractor who understands your goals and has the experience and creativity to make it a reality. 

Consider these four outdoor kitchen designs for your backyard remodel. 

1. Pizza Oven 

If you love to cook and you love homemade pizza, then this is the perfect twist on the outdoor kitchen for your backyard. You could build a traditional pizza oven from bricks or clay. This allows you to build the oven as big or small as you have space for. 

Keep in mind that you’ll need the oven to get as hot as 400-500 degrees. So it needs to be built by a professional who takes the proper safety precautions while building your oven. 

2. Full Kitchen

Having a full kitchen outside allows you to entertain guests and not be locked away indoors. Luxury designs include everything that you would find in a traditional kitchen. They will have a sink, mini-fridge, grill, and even a dishwasher. And do not forget you can add the pizza oven.

A full outdoor kitchen should be built for functionality and durability. Materials that are durable can be beautiful as well. Stacked stone for the build and granite for the countertops will look amazing. A sitting area built into the outside of the counter will bring guests close and allow the cook to entertain while cooking.

Have you thought about installing an outdoor TV? How incredible would that be to hang out and eat under the stars with family and friends while watching your favorite TV show, event, or movie? Enjoy a cocktail or two as well!

3. Custom Lighting 

No matter how elaborate or simple your outdoor kitchen is, it needs lighting.

Mount a pole in the ground and string lights from your home to the pole and back for a fabulous effect. You will have a “ceiling” of several strings of lights that create a soft all-over glow for ambient light.

Task lighting is vital above the grill and cooks area. Both low and high voltage lights can be used, however, high voltage lights may better withstand the high temperature of the grill.

Pendant lights can also be added above the guest seating and bar area to add a decorative element.

Another modern option is LED strip lights. You could install them along the underside of the counters, along railings, or around other edges. 

If you want to change up the mood, do not forget the dimmers!

4. Fireplace 

Modern homes typically put the fireplace in the living room. But traditionally, they were in the kitchen. Why not add one to your outdoor kitchen? 

Fire is a source of natural coziness. Adding a fireplace to the kitchen can be used in the traditional preparation of food or for guests to gather for warmth and aesthetic purposes. Brick is the most traditional style. If you want to go a bit more contemporary consider painted bricks. For a rugged and dramatic touch consider stone.

Consider These Outdoor Kitchen Designs for Your Home 

If you’re ready to give your backyard an upgrade, then consider these outdoor kitchen designs. You’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors, entertain guests easier, and increase the value of your home. 

For the ultimate remodel, you can combine these ideas. Why not have a full kitchen that also includes a fireplace and pizza oven? Then the entire area could have LED trim lighting and string lights overhead. 

Contact our team today and let us help you install the perfect outdoor kitchen. 

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