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10 Different Types and Shapes of Inground Pools

Types and Shapes of Inground Pools

When you’re thinking about getting a new inground pool, you might be a little overwhelmed by the number of pool shapes for inground pools. The best way to overcome this is research, research, research! Find out as much as you can about the styles and shapes of inground pools available to you, and you won’t go wrong with your final choice.

We are happy to provide you with the research needed regarding the different shapes of inground pools right here.

Read on to find out all about the top 10 different types and shapes of inground pools. 

Inground Pool Shapes

1. Freeform

If you see the term freeform inground pool — which you definitely will — it refers to the outline of the pool. A classic pool has straight lines, whereas a freeform pool has curvy non-conforming edges. Surround it with a water feature or unique rocks, so it looks like a natural lake or dessert pond.   

2. Circular / Round Swimming Pools

When choosing a circular, round pool it is important to look at the yard size. This shape pool is best for large backyards. By adding the right pool coping, luscious greenery, and illuminating pool lighting, this pool can be transformed into a true oasis.

3. Oval

Oval pools are what the name states, oval. If you are deciding between an oval or circular pool, you may have to consider the shape of your backyard. If your yard is not square and has more of a rectangular layout, an oval pool will typically fit and look better. Oval pools, as compared to circular pools, are also better for exercise and play. Oval pools allow you to swim laps, and it is better to set up games such as installing a water volleyball net.

4. Cocktail Pool and Spool Pool

Opt for a cocktail pool if you have a small area to build your pool in. One of the most awesome aspects of a spool is that its size lets you include luxurious features such as benches, hydrotherapy jets, and heating. As such, you can make the most of the pool all year round.

5. Geometric Classic 

classic geometric pool is the typical rectangular inground pool that’s probably the first thing that pops into your head when you think of a pool. People with traditional tastes who enjoy swimming lengths might prefer this type of pool.   

6. Figure 8

With a figure 8 pool, it’s easy to clearly define a shallow end and deep end to help younger children. The indentations on each side provide the ideal spaces for flower beds and shrubbery. These modern pools are functional, and they look great in the backyard of a home with modern-style architecture.    

7. Kidney Shaped

With kidney-shaped pools, you get a stunning contemporary aesthetic, and the curve means it takes up less space than a geometric inground pool. It has a more natural look than a classic pool and fits well among most styles of architecture.     

8. L-shaped

Like kidney-shaped pools, l-shaped pools are suited to smaller spaces because they can adapt to the environment. It also has the benefit of having clearly defined zones. This means children can splash and play at one end of the pool while the adults enjoy the sun in peace around the corner.

9. Lazy L

If you’re looking for a unique inground pool style, consider the lazy l. It’s just like the above, except a classic l-shaped pool has a 90-degree angle in the bend. Get as creative as you like with a lazy l while still keeping it clean and traditional. Design the pool around one of your property’s corners or simply add dimension and shape to your outdoor space.  

10. Geometric Roman

Geometric Roman pools are classic rectangle-shaped pools with the addition of semi-circular shallows at one end or both ends. Include decorative steps with mosaics for luxurious paddling and sunbathing.  

Spruce Up Your Yard With a New Inground Pool

No matter what type of inground pool you choose, it’ll improve you and your family’s quality of life. You’ll have additional ways to unwind, exercise, and socialize.

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